Toss/Fetch (Skyhoundz)

Distance/Accuracy competitors are allowed 60 seconds and one disc to score as many points as possible. If, during the round a competitor believes the disc has become unsafe (e.g.: broken rim, or a large tear in the disc), it may be handed to the line judge for replacement (if the competitor has provided such a replacement). Time will not be suspended during a disc change. Countdown of time remaining will be uniform for all competitors: 30 seconds, 10 seconds (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, if necessary) and time.

The field set-up provides the ability for individual competitors to throw in either direction however, competitors cannot change throwing direction once time has begun. Field dimensions and ability to throw from either end are subject to change, at the discretion of contest officials, due to overall field limitations or for safety considerations.

The thrower and canine are required to be behind the throwing line before time starts. When the competitor is ready, the line judge will raise his or her hand. Soon after, a start cue will be given by the announcer indicating that time has begun. If, in the opinion of the line judge, the dog leaves before time begins, time will be reset and a new start will be done. Competitors may send their canines downfield, or throw, anytime after the start signal is sounded.

The thrower must remain behind the throwing line and between the throwing line cones for all throws, but may move freely around the field at other times. A throw will not be scored if the thrower steps on or over the throwing line prior to or during the release of the disc. If the disc leaves the thrower’s hand before time is called, it will be scored.

To receive points, catches must be completed with all four dog’s paws landing within one of the official scoring zones (see diagram below). If a canine catches a disc with paws in more than one scoring zone, the catch will be scored as if it were made in the scoring zone closest to the throwing line.


Scoring is based on the following point scale. No points awarded for catches under 10 yards. An additional half-point bonus will be awarded for each successful catch in which the dog makes a catch with all four paws clearly off the ground in an obvious jumping effort and subsequently lands with all four paws in a scoring zone:

  • Zone 1 (10-20 yards) 1 Point
  • Zone 2 (20-30 yards) 2 Points
  • Zone 3 (30-40 yards) 3 Points
  • End Zone (40-50 yards) 5 Points


If there is a tie for first, second or third place, the tie will be broken by the following criteria, as necessary:

  1. The competitor with the fewest throws in both rounds,
  2. A Face-off round with each team receiving one Distance/Accuracy throw.

The dog making the higher scoring catch will be declared the victor. If the teams are still tied after each has made one throw, Face-off continues until one dog makes a higher scoring catch than the other. Officials will permit the competitors to rest their dogs as necessary.

Used with permission of Skyhoundz/Hyperflite.