Run An Event Checklist

So you want to host your own event?  Here are some things to track:

The Field

  • Does the event care if we use paint, or should we use flour?  Paint goes away after mowing.
  • Is water and electricity available?
  • Is the field clear of rocks and holes?
  • Can competitors park near the field?
  • Is the field located near a busy road?  Is fencing available?

The Music

  • What sound system will you be using (small, big, boombox?)

The Venue

  • Are there special insurance needs?
    • For all insurance certificates, the following is needed:
      a. Facility Owners Name, Event Address, Event Date,  and Starting/Ending Time of the Event.
      b. Facility Owners Name, Mailing Address (if different), Fax #, Email address
  • What is the alcohol policy?  Can members BYOB?

Equipment Needed

Item Who has it?
Field liners (box, wand)
Timer stand
Chain to create circles
Measuring tape
Extension cords
Clip boards
Registration table
Club Banner Signs
Ribbons & Pins
Event Entry Forms
Non-member forms
Member forms
Marking Paint
Small sound system
Event Patches
Road signs
Cash Box
Large sound system
Speaker stands
Generator and fresh gas
Discs for sale
Clothing for sale