Code of Conduct

Here are done “do” and “do nots” regarding our events

A focus on friendly, fun activities is our prime directive. - AAC Mission


  • Enjoy and encourage the play and performance of others
  • Be considerate of the safety and enjoyment of others
  • Observe and control the actions of your dog at all times
  • Keep your dog on lead at competitions when you are not performing
  • Recognize and play within your own physical limitations & those of your dog
  • Recognize and play within limitations imposed by weather and field conditions
  • Comply with the rules of the event’s venue & its hosts
  • Be respectful of the efforts of the event’s judges, officials, and volunteers
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Practice good sportsmanship at all times
  • Please, above all else … HAVE A GOOD TIME!


Do Not

  • Engage in aggressive or abusive behavior (human or canine)
  • Attend events with a dog who is in any stage of heat
  • Attend events without proof of rabies vaccination
  • Discuss scores with judges & volunteers during the competition



Club Pro

Grand champions, national level competitors, big guns, old pros, or any team who has scored high in the A division for that format.

A – Advanced

Seasoned veterans who have earned numerous awards, teams who play regularly but have not climbed to the top podium yet, or any team who has scored high in the B division for that format, old dogs (both human & K9) with no new tricks.

B – Beginner

Inexperienced or casual players who have earned few awards, rookies, non-competitive, just-for-fun, walk-ons, really old dogs (both human & K9) with only a few tricks left in their bag.