Toss/Fetch (AAC Scoring)


  • Teams have 60 seconds to make as many throws/catches as possible.
  • Points are awarded for catches as shown in the diagram above.
  • There are no “out of bounds”.
  • A one point bonus is awarded if a catch is made with all paws in the air at the time of the catch. As an example, a catch that is 25 yards away from the throwing line will score 5 points; 6 if the dog was completely in the air when it was caught.
  • The thrower and the dog must begin the round completely behind the throwers line, but may venture onto the field at any time after time has started.
  • Time begins when either the dog or the disc crosses the throwing line.
  • Stepping on or over the line at the time the throw is released is a fault and will result in no points for that throw.
  • All four paws must be on or beyond a yard marker in order for points to count for that distance. If the dog is in the air when a catch is made, the landing point is used in scoring the catch.
  • Only one disc may be used per round. A second disc may be used to lure the dog back, but it may not be thrown.
  • If a throw is released before time runs out, the throw will count if caught.

Please ask any line judge for rule clarifications.