K9 FoxHole

Teams will have 60 seconds to make as many throws/catches within marked circles as possible with only one disc.

Points are awarded for catches as shown in the Field Layout.

At the beginning of a round, the time keeper will indicate that they are ready. Time begins when either the disc or the dog crosses the throwers line and continues for one minute. Dog must be behind the throwers line before time can start.

The Thrower must be within the Thrower’s Box whenever a throw is released, but may venture outside the box as otherwise needed. Stepping on or over the Thrower’s Box lines at the time the throw is released is a fault, and will result in no points for that throw. All four paws must land within the boundary of the circle at the time of or when landing from the catch for points to be awarded.

In order to score points, the thrower must attempt all three zones low to high first (first throw at circle 1, second throw at circle 2, third throw at circle 3) .. then can go for any zone.  Whether it’s a catch or a failed attempt, you can move on to the next circle during this first-three-throw period.
1 point for catches outside the zones.

The position of the circles may change for each event, although they will always be the same distance from the throw line.