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Joe Trevathan

When Joe is not having fun on the disc field, he loves spending time with his family. He loves car rides, hikes, playing ball, and loving on Simon's daughters. More

Milo Oberholtzer

Milo is a border collie lover's border collie. He energetically carves paths around houses and is known for his love of shadow chasing. More

Penny Brown


Chloe Chronister

Not only a frisbee lover, Chloe is a beach dog and must be carried back to the car when the day is done. It’s the only way to make her leave. More

Jessie Garis

Jessie was born while her owners were competing in disc competition that very day. She is a funny and easy dog to work with, loving to play disc. She enjoys hanging out with her family almost as much. More

Sunny Moore

Sunny "Sunshine D" was one of a "whoopsie" litter from a home in Waterford VA. More

Oscar Garis

Oscar is one of the smartest and fun spirited dogs that his family has known. He can go from taking an afternoon nap to full-on disc competition within a split second. More

Nevaeh Smith

Although it was an uncommon name at the time, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards) has absolutely lived up to her namesake. More

Henry Clark

Rescued in 2013, Henry started disc when running 3 miles was just a warm up. Henry will chase down any disc, whether tossed by kids or adults, making him an excellent disc ambassador. More

Ki Cleveland

Ki, of the long shiny fur, had bald ears and legs when he was adopted. More