Growlers of the Gridiron

Growlers of the Gridiron is a football themed game played on a field that is 30 yards x 20 yards, with two 5 yard length x 20 yard width endzones. Therefore, there is a 20 yard length x 20 yard width field of play in between.
  • The handler must start in either endzone, and throw in the direction of opposite endzone.
  • Every catch in the field of play is worth 1 point.
  • Dogs must have all 4 paws in bounds or it counts as a drop.
  • No points for out of bounds.
  • Touchdowns will be awarded anytime the disc breaks the plane of the Goal Line.
  • 4 drops end your round.
  • 60 second time limit.
  • Catches in the endzone are worth 3 points, plus 1 point for the catch, for a total of 4.
  • Catches must be a minimum of 5 yards forward or it will count as a drop.  The only exception is a throw into the end zone, which can be any distance.
  • After scoring a touchdown (making a catch in the end zone), you must reverse direction.
  • After a drop, you return to previous throw spot.
  • Up to 5 discs may be used, and the dog does not have to bring the disc back.