You might find these fun mini-contests at some of our smaller social events.

Opposite Hand Fetch

Just like AAC Fetch, except that you must throw with the opposite of your predominant hand.

Consistency Contest

Rounds of 5 throws. Catches have to be at least 15 yards. Once a dog misses, the team is out. The dog and handler that can make the most catches without missing wins! Rounds can be spread out over time. Scoring is simple: one point for each catch. No extra points for distance greater than 15 yards or in-air catches.

Frisbee Dog Golf

A course is laid out with throwing boxes and landing circles (“holes”). With each throw, you may only advance to where your dog catches the frisbee, and a hole is considered completed when a catch is made with at least one paw landing in the circle. Lowest score wins.

At Odds Contest

Well sure, anyone can throw a simple backhanded throw, but which team can do the best with odd throws? Some of these challenges may include:

  • Throw while kneeling (both knees) on the ground
  • Throw while lying down (at least one shoulder and one leg on ground)
  • Throw while seated on the ground
  • Opposite handed throw (if you are right-handed, throw with your left hand)
  • Distraction throw, pet a second non-Frisbee dog while simultaneously throwing to the Frisbee dog.

Scoring similar to regular Distance, throw must be at least 10 yards to score points, with extra points for in the air catches.

Beer Relay

For adult frisbee dog competitors who enjoy a fun challenge

  • The field is set up with two lines 15 yards apart.
  • Teams consist of two people and two dogs. The team decides which pair will go first.
  • The first handler and dog must start behind the throwing line. Time begins when the disc or the dog crosses the line.
  • The first handler must attempt to make a throw/catch beyond the 15 yard line. If that attempt is not successful, then any catch made beyond the 15 yard line will count (note: the handler can make the throw from anywhere). Once this catch is made, the handler must consume their full beer.
  • The second team may not throw the disc or have their dog cross the line until: the first dog has crossed the line, the disc is across the line, the handler is across the line, AND the beer is completely consumed.
  • The second handler must then attempt to make a throw/catch beyond the 15 yard line. If that attempt is not successful, then any catch made beyond the 15 yard line will count (note: the person can make the throw from anywhere). Once this catch is made, the adult must consume their beer.
  • Time is stopped when the second dog, disc, and handler are behind the line AND the second beer is consumed. The shortest time wins, of course!


  • Teams consist of two humans (a “center” and a “quarterback”) and one “wide receiver” dog.
  • Time begins when the center, standing 10 yards deep in the field, “hikes” the frisbee by throwing back to the quarterback, who must be behind the line of scrimmage (throwing line) with the dog.
  • If they are unsuccessful, the center must retrieve the disc and try again. Once the quarterback catches the disc, a successful 20 yard throw must be made to the dog.
  • When the dog brings the frisbee across the line of scrimmage, time ends. Fastest time wins!

Throwing Into Coverage

  • Teams consist of one human and two dogs; however, one of the dogs must not be owned by the human.
  • Time begins when the frisbee or one of the dogs crosses the throwing line.
  • After the first completed throw to either dog of at least 10 yards, the next throw must be a catch to the OTHER dog.
  • Throwing continues until the disc is caught by each dog at least 10 yards. Fastest time wins, maximum of 60 seconds.

Hail Mary!

  • The winner makes the longest completed catch to a dog. You only have ONE attempt, so you had better make it good!

4 Downs

  • This is just like AAC Fetch, except that it is untimed and there IS an out of bounds — the dog must have two feet in bounds for it to count.
  • You have four throws.

Flag Football

  • We will supply a flag that will be attached to the dog.
  • After a successful catch of at least 20 yards, the thrower must “tackle” the dog by ripping the flag off.
  • If the catch is shorter than 20 yards, another attempt may be made, but cumulatively the distance of catches must be 20 yards.
  • Here’s the catch: the other participants may verbally encourage the dog to avoid the thrower. Shortest time wins!

Field Goal

  • A field goal is set up with PVC pipe
  • The first team must throw through the uprights, 10 yards away, and end with a catch
  • Teams that do not make it through the uprights or have a catch are eliminated
  • Those that are successful move to the next round, and the attempt is made 5 yards further back
  • This continues until a winner — or group of winners — is determined!

The Two Minute Drill

  • The clock counts down from 2 minutes
  • The object of this game is to score a touchdown, which is a catch in the end zone (an area marked on the field)
  • The line of scrimmage (throwing position) is moved to the spot of the catch with each completion
  • You have to run another play from the previous line of scrimmage with each incompletion (or catch out of bounds)
  • You have four attempts to gain a catch that’s at least ten yards from the previous spot
  • Your score equals the time left on the clock when you score the touchdown