Run An Event Checklist

So you want to host your own event?  Here are some things to track:

The Field

  • Does the event care if we use paint, or should we use flour?
  • Is water and electricity available?
  • Is the field clear of rocks and holes?

The Music

  • What sound system will you be using (small, big, boombox?)

The Venue

  • Are there special insurance needs?
    • For all insurance certificates, the following is needed:
      a. Facility Owners Name, Event Address, Event Date,  and Starting/Ending Time of the Event.
      b. Facility Owners Name, Mailing Address (if different), Fax #, Email address
  • What is the alcohol policy?  Can members BYOB?

Equipment Needed

Item Who has it?
Field liner ?
Cones ?
Timer ?
Timer stand ?
Circle string ?
Measuring tape ?
Extension cords ?
Clip boards ?
Registration table ?
Club Banner Signs ?
Ribbons & Pins ?
Computer ?
Event Entry Forms ?
Non-member forms ?
Member forms ?
Paint ?
Small sound system ?
Member Banners ?
Event Patches ?
Road signs ?
Cash Box ?
Large sound system ?
Speakers ?
Speaker stands ?
Generator ?
Discs for sale ?
Clothing for sale ?